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Aquarius employees are known for carrying surprisingly re Aquarius sign in which the birth of an individual is cond He will work on your Vedic birth chart t We sketch out different personalities of your probable love partners on varied parameters.

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This report gives amazing insights on their te Put an end to your worries by reaching out to our Vedic Astrologers to have your career forecast. Get your career related issues sorted w Making most of the good times is essential to get ahead in career. Career Transit report gives trends ahead of time for us to take benefi Login Sign Up.

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Aquarius Overview Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, cool, collected, and easygoing, kind of those who make best friends. Aquarius - The Lover Ruled by the planet of sudden energy and transformation Uranus, Aquarius has the tendency to do the unconventional and eccentric in love. Aquarius Finance Aquarius individuals do not stress themselves unnecessarily on money related matters. Aquarius Temperament Aquarius people are born egalitarians.

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Aquarius Women Aquarius woman is imbued with energy, spontaneity and unconventionality. Home Horoscope Daily Aquarius Horoscope. Today Horoscope.

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Today October Yesterday Today Tomorrow. Today Oct 09, Till: morning This is not the best of the days of the year, but things will get better sooner than you can imagine.

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Pep up your mood and try to fight this budding feeling of isolation and seclusion. You might want to commune with lively and jovial people to feel better. It is okay to set aside pending matters for another day. Also, stay away from dealing with huge money transactions.

Thereafter till tomorrow: You are increasingly becoming more positive and cheerful in your outlook and this makes your life much easier. Good things are coming your way. You are unlikely to get disappointed with whatever you dip your toes into.

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Romance and social meetings grab most of your time, leaving work matters neglected. Career : You could enter into new professional enterprises You will come into contact with people from far-off places.