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  • Sun enters Sagittarius.

Just be smart about spending. Swing by your former neighborhood and reconnect with old friends. Take it slow today, Capricorn! The moon in Sagittarius asks that you catch up on rest.

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Your psychic intuition is heightened! Ditch the fakes and appreciate your besties today! What's in the stars for you in February? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox?

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Click here to sign up for the newsletter. Remember the beauty of the natural world and think about what you can do to leave planet Earth in a better state for future generations: desire, pain, and the physical body will go away, and all that is left is consciousness and good deeds.

  1. We have the "all clear" today to shop and do business. The Moon is in Sagittarius!
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  5. Daily Horoscope February YOUR star sign reading, astrology, zodiac forecast | banktempboteles.ml!
  6. Believe in the talents, knowledge and experiences you have and teach by your own example: now is the time for the student to become a teacher. See More. If you were a little scared what life would look like with MERCURY retrograde and were frustrated, you will now find that you are moving steadily into the future, already having an idea of what to put your efforts into.

    Determined, controlled and focused, grasp the TAURUS by its horns and have faith in yourself: manage your energy to overcome adversity and limitations. We are living in a time of rapid change, which is the result of our determination to find new solutions. There are a few aspects activated in the sky and every situation changes so abruptly that you need to have a backup plan, to follow your intuition and internal compass that tells you the right direction and value.

    The truth is the Universal Law that radiates around us with the power of a million Suns: correct the untruth without prejudice and get rid of it. Confess, acknowledge and be wise, removing the half-truths from your life.

    Your Daily Horoscope For February 26, 12222

    If something seems to be untrue, don't settle down and let yourself be seduced by illusions. This is a wonderful day for work, crafts and commerce: if people are drawn to you, it's because you radiate charisma, focus, determination, and believe in your vision.

    They are here to help you and fully support you in becoming successful. Follow your own pace and take time to stroll in nature: let the sun's rays caress you and breathe evenly without letting your mind wander.

    Daily Horoscopes: February 26, - VICE

    When you do so, you will realise that you are free from any frustration. On Monday Nov. Mercury will cross in front of the sun, as seen from Earth, a process known as a transit. Let balance be your power word. Death has been a constant theme for you in the recent past.

    Do away with anything that feels inauthentic to you. This is the only way to come into your own. The transition you are going through promises to bring many blessings even though you may not be able to see them immediately. The light you are seeking awaits you on the other side of this road. Libra, you have some of the most brilliant ideas in the book. The Universe is granting you the gift of clarity.

    Use it to your advantage. Or get it to put a ring on you. Stop shying away from talking about forever, baby.

    For others, this is a time of getting into a long-term commitment with something on the work front. Will this venture help you build the life of your dreams? If you answered in the affirmative, put your name on the dotted line already. You start the week on a creatively inspired note. Respect the ideas of others like you would your own. Your manifestation game will also be strong in the days to come. Remember, what you seek is seeking you. Get ready to see tangible proof. Your partnerships are blossoming with you, Capricorn.

    Continue to water each other and hold space for growth. Is there somebody in your life you have been holding a grudge against? Release the old wounds. When things refuse to go your way, abandon the roadmap. Allow yourself to trust the larger plan and improvise along the way. There is a blessing in here for you, even though you cannot see it yet. Sensitivity is a gift, Pisces.