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Your spirit and charm make success a likelihood, especially if you can learn to better trust your own judgment and not let others steer you off track.

JANUARY 20 ZODIAC – The Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

At your best: Funny, compassionate, strong At your worst: Erratic, insecure, scatterbrained. You may yearn to be more free-floating with how you spend your money and in the manner in which you accomplish tasks now. You might not care about being… Continue. If you feel that a world of abundance is opening up to you at the moment, you may be right. But it also may be a cause to temper your impulsive spending,… Continue.

Although you're a social sign, Aquarius, you're not the type who enjoys being the center of attention. As a result, on your birthday you might celebrate casually with a group of friends, but you'd feel just as comfortable working the night at your favorite soup kitchen or on your latest humanitarian cause. You are definitely the altruistic type!

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As long as your personal space is respected, you'll go out of your way to help mankind. Sign in. Log into your account.

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Daily Horoscope January 20, 2017: Aquarius

Password recovery. Recover your password. Daily Horoscope Daily Aquarius Horoscope. Please enter your comment! Yes, Aquarius, there is no doubt about it -- your urge to rebel and shake things up is about to "go home," literally.

You might suddenly decide that you can't take living where you are or who you're with for one moment longer. You might also find that there is some type of major change happening in your family dynamic. This doesn't have to be a negative shift, but it is likely to be separative and more liberating on some level.

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Don't stress about it. Instead, know that something about your living situation has become stale and now all you're doing is correcting things. Because you just don't do very well with ruts.

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There's also going to be one last eclipse in a serious on January 21 in your partnership sector.