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LEO July Aug. But ultimately he decided she was too sexy and radiant. He wanted a pale, thin, tougher-looking actress, whom he found in Rooney Mara.

March 13 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

I suspect that in a somewhat similar way, you may be perceived as being too much something for a role you would actually perform quite well. Is there anything you can do — with full integrity — to adjust how people see you and understand you without diluting your brightness and strength?

Like the treasure Lawes located, it might even be more valuable than what you thought you wanted. But they had a distinct advantage: They could keep moving relentlessly until their prey grew exhausted. I propose that we adopt this theme as a metaphor for your life in the coming weeks and months. All you have to do is be persistent and dogged and disciplined. They may be given new names at adolescence, and again as they go through life according to what their life experiences and accomplishments are.

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We see, hear, taste and feel with vividness and eagerness, but allow our olfactory powers to go underused. In accordance with astrological omens, I hope you will compensate for that dearth in the coming weeks. There is subtle information you can obtain — and in my opinion, need quite strongly — that will come your way only with the help of your nose.

You may not want the same level of help given to you when you're not ready. So, let things go and be there when needed. Scorpio, your helpful nature is on the alert when you know someone you care about is in need. But sometimes the emotional side of your supportive nature is what's needed more than other forms of charity.

You can always show support and care by phone, text, email or love letter.

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It's all in the message and delivery. Sagittarius, when you think of the way you want things done, you can get very specific down to the details. So, anyone trying to do things for you can be slightly annoying and even threatening to your sense of self-esteem. Guard projects carefully today. You don't have to share you plans until you're ready. Capricorn, the hard working person in you is open to team work if it really does make the dream work, but there's also a group factor that makes the team work's dream a nightmare.

If you have the chance to divide tasks into everyone's area of strength you'll avoid those pesky weaknesses we all have. Aquarius, going off to another adventure and getting to work may be quite interesting.

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You could already sense that others are interrupting your thoughts and your ideas are flowing more right now. Keep something close at hand to gather them before they evaporate. Use your cell phone as a recorder or keep that note section on the phone as a handy place to record things before you lose those ideas. Pisces, the situation may seem to be in a deep state of emotional redefining. This is a time for you to heal and learn how to be you without going overboard.

It's good to know where to set your own boundaries, isn't it.


Good work! Follow Aria on social media. Follow Us. Sign in. Aria Gmitter. Zodiac , Self March 13, Tell your partner you want to work on being in love at this time. You have a chance to take actions that promote loving closeness and building up passion again.

March 13th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

You may recently have ended a battle with someone you were close to and are interested in rebuilding the relationship or starting off fresh with someone new. Resist the temptation to be caught up in spending too much time at work when not needed for the next two days. Instead, work on building up intimacy with your work and things that you love in life.

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  8. Bring your attention back to passion for the next two days to experience an awakening of your love life. Be kind and loving. Your charm and romantic side are felt by others and your partner may not say it aloud but you're striking up some sexual interest. An invitation to do something out is either initiated or invited to you. Don't let yourself get stuck into a boring routine.


    If your lover enjoys routine and you're longing for a something more exciting, change things up slowly and surprise him or her. Home life and responsibilities have been a primary focus but for the next two days, turn your attention towards your love life. You or your partner may not be saying it but things aren't as adventurous as you'd like.