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Whether you are a gadget junkie who loves to have the latest tech toys or a gadget novice who just wants a new TV for his living room, knowing where and how to buy cheap electronics can save you money. Another beauty junkie 's favorite, waterproof eyeliner often saves the day. While the news junkie has many options, the sports fanatic is largely at a loss for legal ways to watch live programming on the web. A self-described adrenaline junkie , Tammy enjoys skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and skydiving.

If you are a celebrity news junkie , then you will want to know about the most popular celebrity gossip websites. Whether you're a business user or a multimedia junkie , chances are that you're interested in some free BlackBerry Pearl downloads. Sudoku: Are you a puzzle junkie and you can't get enough of this grid-based number game? If you're a salon junkie , chances are the excessive coloring and styling have taken their toll on your precious mane. If you are a true horoscope junkie , you probably check your daily horoscopes before you check your email.

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Chances are, as a horoscope junkie , you probably have your natal chart done, check your daily transits, and sky watch with your fellow astrology buffs. Not only do they signal where you should focus your attention, but understanding the planets and applying aspects within those houses can boost the predictive astrological skills of the average horoscope junkie to an entirely new level!

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The main factor any horoscope junkie should remember is that while the houses and applying aspects have a significant effect on the individual's personality, the aspects do change. Ok, never in a million years would it be advised for you to become a coffee-aholic or a soda pop junkie , but caffeine is a proven chemical to speed up your metabolism.

If you're a rap music junkie and can't find a station you love, you can even start your own on this network. There's almost no better way to put a smile on a beauty junkie 's face than by giving her a gift set. My first prize for French mass-media horoscope reporting goes to Elle Magazine , just because it somehow seems less hokey than others. analysis

The on-line version is interactive and as exhaustive as you could want, if your French language skills are up to the task. Yeah, right, I thought. Gimme a break. How could one's name possibly influence one's character? But just for fun, of course, I entered my name. I assumed it wouldn't be on the list since it's an Anglophone name.

It was there. Ulp, it was spot-on.

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I have also found a site called Astrofred ; there are many more. Labels: French traditions , media. Notify me of new posts via email.

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My astrology assistant, Lily. Stephanie, you look fabulous!!

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