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As a result of the thirteenth sign, all constellation date ranges are wrong.

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The plantoid Chiron is the governing planet of the sign rather than an actual planet. There are a number of reasons why they have not updated :- Thirteen is an unlucky number Thirteen can not be split into smaller equal element groups Earth, Fire, Water and Air General Reluctance to change If you've ever wondered why your love life or fortune is going as they had told you in the stars, you now know the reason. I am a Ophiuchus born on December 4 I always thought I was a Sagittarius but I am Opiuchus.

Having crawled out of my biological birthing unit on I was always under the assumption that I was a Sagitarian. Now I know that I am truly an Ophiuchian, a dramatic change from the alledged fire sign that was said to have held sway at the time of my arrival in this plane of existence.

Does anyone know whom the ruling angel of Ophiuchus is? This is baffling to me, as are the various other astological attributes that our new sign seems to be lacking. I guess it is up to the thirteenth tribe to discover their heritage for themselves.

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Well, being born on December 2nd, I assumed I was a Sagittarian Although it may be hard to change the habit of responding as a Sagittarian to zodiac questions, it is much more By this table I would be a Libra. Everything I have ever read about Scorpio describes me. I have neverhad traits even vaguely Librian. How do you explain that? Okay i dont understand. I was born on October 31st and I was "supposed" to be a Scorpio. Then recently I heard about the 13th sign and I would now be a Libra. So then I did some researching on Libras, and I have some, but very little traits of a Libra and I feel much more like a scorpio.

But I kinda think I might be both.

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Is this possible? Anyone who might know, please tell me. The Lost Book of Nostradamus was on the History channel.

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Many different sites say that Scorpio is really only a little shorter then seven days. Then on the 30th of November it goes to Ophisuchus. I think that if you read any of the zodiac signs in detail, everyone will have some of the traits in each sign, but one in which they have a majority. The majority one is usually your sun sign.

We aren't governed by precedent though, so if you don't like a trait or two in your sign, don't live up to it. We still have free choice regardless of what the stars signify and that is what is so wonderful about being human. Another site said that Ophisuchus ends on November 1st, but looking at the constellations, that doesn't fit the rotation.

It occurs between the stinger of the Scorpio and the arrow tip of Sagittarius. According to this it looks like my sign is Ophiuchus 7.

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Not that i take this astrological signs mumbo-jumbo seriously but i am wondering why don't they update themselves with this precession thing which caused slight difference in signs through years. Seems to me that people who believe horoscopes are totally misled. This is actually not a comment but a question. Is it true that ones Ophiuchus appeared in the sky, the antichrist will arrive?

I'm just curious. How many stars does Ophichus have?

I need this information for a school project and i can't find it anywhere! I think this information is very accurate now it can be used to show how each person is recombient between two extrema, good and evil or right and wrong interms of fire water earth and wind. You can see what combination you are based upon a phenotypic judgement Ophiucus will be rebirthed and all must embrace the second coming with love instead of fear of the unknown so that we can commune together better on this path unto eternity. People think that there are only 12 star signs,is it fair to them?

I only just found out on the internet! If you have to add Ophiuchus you could at least give him mors publicity and give charts of the change of dates! It may cost money but the people I have told have not been too happy Please take my message into consideration Scincerely Lily Donaldson.

It's not fair I fitted the Aquarius description perfectly and now I am supposed to be Capricorn how can people just change them like that. I mean I have nothing against Capricorn but I was born an Aquarius. If you must change the star signs then you can atleast make Saggitarius longer and Ophichus shorter! Regards Amber La-Chiphouse. I just learned of this tonight by watching a documentary on Nostradamus. It is confounding to have just gained a fair knowledge of charts and Astrology, at least enough to look for certain things in my own chart, and then to have to consider that there is a thirteenth sign that pushes me to being a Pisces rather than an Aries.

I kind of liked being an Aries. Like others, I am wondering if there is some online charting tool like Astro. But, if it is Astronomy rather than Astrology Recently there has been debate about whether or not Pluto is a planet. In spite of the Astronomer's claims it is not a planet, it is still evaluated as a personal planet in Astrology. Then there is Sedna And Chiron Maybe it's best to remain being an Aries with Venus in Pices in the 12th house and let that be.

Unless, of course, one of you folks has found a site where I can find myself anew? Its quite disturbing to learn that I am actually a Scorpio! I watched that same documentary and have now been exploring this idea. I would like to find a way to get a new natal chart including this 13th sign. Please help! If anyone knows how this is possible please share!!!!! Marj, which channel did you find this documentary on Nostradamus on?

If you let us all know, we can search for it keep an eye out for it. Please, reply. I certainly don't want to miss this which will probably rerun again in the future. I have Direct TV and can search for subjects, titles, etc. On behalf of my self and I think I speak for many others here on this site, thanks for any information you you can share with us.

For those who are having a hard time accepting a new order of things you know, consider this: One year you are told to eat eggs, or chocolate, or whatever, and the next year you are told it is bad for you, and the next you are again told to eat them per new research. Isn't this supposed to be an Age of Enlightment? Are we not to become more involved in the truth in these days? This, to me, is awesome. I'm most curious to know what exactly will occur on December 21, , when our dear Sol aligns with the freakin galactic center. Should be interesting.

I was born March 21st, supposedly the first day of Aries according to the old. I always felt Pisces, and always always always explained I was on the cusp therefore I am part Pisces, but now I am smack dab in the middle of Pisces.

Zodiac Constellation Date Ranges

I can't explain it, but through my observations of people in my 37 years, this 13 order of the Zodiac now makes more sense. People fit their signs more, in my opinion. But, just remember, the future is fluid, as is the truth. Learn to move with the river, rather than try to control it. Pretty interesting legend but some of the stuff dosen't make any sense at all. For example why isn't there an official date range.

How many star does ophiuchus have and what is the brightest star? I need this for a project. Oh I'm very upset and then glad.

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