Bhavat bhavam principle vedic astrology

What is the navamsha lagna and its lord?

  1. Section 1: Bhavat-Bhavam as applied to bhavas.
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Where does this ruler placed in the rashi chart? What is the Karaka of the Ascendant Lord? Evaluate the Sun is the significator of Atma self in your chart. Evaluate the Atmakaraka in your chart Badhaka — block or obstruction in your chart. What is your badhaka Rashi and Badhakesh? Evaluate planets placed in badhaka rashi or with Badhakesh. Panchanga : Moon phase at the time of your birth. We analyse the occupying planets of the 2nd House, and also the eye-opening implications of the House position of the 2nd House Ruler, and also the effect of the sign occupying your 2nd House.

Bhavat Bhavam House — The 2nd from 2nd is 3rd, it shows the effort taken to create wealth in your life. And having had that declaration, might you want to alter the way you make that effort? We note the implication for Body part: 2nd House is face 1st House is head 2nd House is also part of the neck.

We study D2 Hora Chart for 2nd House: what is the wealth that you will want to accumulate? I hope these brief examples have convinced you of the tremendous eye-opening value of Bhavat Bhavam study of our birth charts and look forward to hearing from you, and to working with you. This insight really does help us make big life decisions. We arrive at the 9th, the house of fortune fortunate to bear children , it also indicates future children — that is grandchildren, which can only happen if the 5th house produces children.

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  • I will illustrate the application of this principle by taking one Bhava and correlating with other 11 Bhavas and the extra information we can get from such exercise. Being 9th from 6th — Long journeys of maternal relatives. Being 7th from 8th — bequests and legacies through wife or husband Being 6th from 9th — shows ill-health, debts and enemies of father.

    Being 5th from 10th — investments and speculation in career. Being 4th from 11th — homes of friends and elder brother Being 3rd from 12th — short journeys of secret enemies. In simple words a Karaka in its own house is not a good placement. The Karaka destroys the house it represents!

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    Simply put, the planet which is the significator for that house, if placed in that house itself destroys the significations of that house. For example: Jupiter in 5th, Sun in 9th and Mars in 3rd and so on. Some learned astrologers have opined that this principle mostly harms the living beings it represents than the inanimate aspect of life.

    However I will leave this to the readers to judge by experience and do not wish to get into any discussion. Share this: Share Facebook Twitter. Like this: Like Loading Comments 7 Comments Categories Vedic Astrology. Jyothishi Reply.

    Sir what do you see in bhavatbhavam house planet placed, aspect and house lord placement? It shows your half baked approach to subject Jyothishi Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Go ahead and comment All comments have to be approved by the Administrator before it is published. It should be noted that the earth is not the only part of Bhurloka or the earthly plane.

    What we see of as the earth ball in space is only a part of the earth plane or Bhurloka, which in it's real form as a vast expanse is hidden from our vision, controlled by the demigods. In other words we see only what we are meant to see. For the rest of the truth we have to see through the revealed scriptures.

    It is the sub-period after the main period of the current dasha. Refers to the number of positive points in a particular sign in the ashtaka varga system of strength judgment as described in a number of the classics. A planet has from one to eight bindus in it's ashtaka varga chart. The more bindus, the better.

    He is born on a lotus flower which sprouts from the navel of Lord Vishnu. He has four heads. During his day, the creation exists, and during his night it is absorbed within him. His day lasts for 1, chatur yugas, or 1, cycles of four periods: Satya yuga, Treta yuga, Dvapara yuga and Kali yuga. As a demigod, he rules over some of the nakshatras as well as some of the shastiamshas used in vedic astrology.

    He is beholden only to Vishnu, Sada Shiva and Krishna. All other demigods in this creation are under Brahma, including such great personalities and demigods as Indra, Agni, Surya, Chandra, etc. The incarnations of the lord that appear on earth by Their own sweet will are above Brahma.

    A person who studies the vedas diligently and imbibes all the good qualities recommended therein. A person who knows the science of spirit, religion, liberation, astrology, literature, medicine, etc. This is not something that can be inherited by birth. It must be earned individually and it is subject to reversal at any time by falldown from the brahminical qualities. The word also refers to spirit in general- the all pervading aspect of Supreme Divinity that pervades every atom in all time and all space.

    A brahmana is a knower of brahman or spirit, which is also absolute truth. Brihaspati is a great personality referred to in many of the puranic scriptures of ancient India.

    The Principle of Bhavat Bhavam

    He is the guru of all the demigods. In other words, he is the great sage who the demigods under Brahma listen to for daily advice. As the ruler of the planet Jupiter, he is the personality behind all the aspects and functions of the Jupiter planet. So his other name is guru. In understanding the actions and ways of Brihaspati, who is a real person living on higher planets within this universe which are relayed to us through the Puranas such as the Bhagavat Purana or Shrimad Bhagavatam.

    We can come to understand the true functionality and ways of behavior of the Jupiter planet. Budha is a demigod who is a yuvaraj to the rulership of the Sun. Yuvaraj means the crowned prince or successor to the throne. It is the nature of Budha which gives Mercury it's functionality and nature. This word is used throughout sanskrit philosophical literature, such as in the verse in the Bhagavad gita spoken by Lord Krishna which begins: "vyavasayatmika budhi ekeha kuru nandana", which refers to the one-pointed intelligence of those who are devoted to Krishna.

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    Amongst them, a spinning circle, a diagram formed more or less in the shape of a circle, a center of energy radiating from a central point within the body and also a cycle or procession of events that recurs in a circular fashion. This is also the word used to describe a chart such as in the two word combination of rasi chakra which means the chart or circular formation of the signs of the zodiac. The best single word for defining chakra is circle. Chalitchakra means exactly the same thing as bhavachakra. It means persons who have no discretion and would even engage in what the vedas consider to be a most abominable activity- that of eating small animals such as dogs and cats.

    Chandra is the Moon and mangala means Mars. Chandra mangala yoga fires up the mind. The Moon rules the mind. He is one of the primeval demigods in this creationary cycle.

    This is what the Moon is called in India, as well as by Indian or Hindu astrologers. This word is primarily formed by combining the two words chandra and ashta which mean Moon and Eighth respectively. It is also the name of the very large temple constructed in the city of Mayapura by Bhaktivedanta Swami to commemorate the birthplace of the most recent incarnation of Krishna on earth known as Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who is likened to the rising Moon due to his lighting and giving cooling rays to the earth.

    This dasha system is the subject of a book by Mr. This system is based on the signs rather than the planets. During this period many yogis and devotees practice more strict austerities to help them in their spiritual advancement. The chaturtamsha chart fills in more information than the fourth house about one's home, happiness and matters relating to the fourth house. There are signs which are called chatuspada signs, because they are animal signs such as Aries and Capricorn, the second half of Sagittarius, Leo and Taurus.

    These do not have physical mass but are shadowy points in space. Common - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. CUSP - The exact point where a house ends or begins or the middle of the house, depending on which philosophy of houses you are following. One who has divine vision or vision of reality beyond our immediate senses. Refers to the staff carried by those in the renounced order, the sannyasins. One of the seven Jaimini karakas. Refers to the mathematical process of defining the planetary control periods within a lifetime.

    Although there are a number of dasha systems, the vimshottari dasha system is by far the most used and trusted amongst all vedic astrologers. The vimshottari dasha system is a mathematical calculation starting from the exact degree of the Moon in a particular Nakshatra. Dasha means ten and amsa means divisions.